9 Tips for a Great Disney Character Meet and Greet

These fun-loving folks are ready to make your vacation unforgettable with the best photos and memories to last an entire lifetime. But how does one have an amazing character interaction? The character can only do so much unless you put in your efforts as well. As fun and stress-relieving as Disney can be, character meet and greets can put you on the spot and rekindle those moments of anxiety. On such a wonderful trip, the last thing you want to do is freeze up and make things awkward.

Here are nine tips for having amazing character interaction at Walt Disney World!

1.  Arrive early.

Use my character schedules at Character Locator to determine the time you’d like to meet a character.  But, be sure to arrive early.  Some characters may already have lines held over from previous meets.

2.  Have your item that you want autographed ready to present to the character.

They will not sign items that a guest is actually wearing and characters wearing white gloves don’t like to sign in green marker as it doesn’t clean from costume easily. Fumbling around with pens, markers and books that aren’t open to a new page are time consuming and cut down on your time with the character.

3.  Consider something different than an autograph book.  

After filling about 10 autograph books we realized we could do other fun things. My daughter used to enjoy getting every Princess to sign a special hat each trip. Those hats are still very special to her. If you are using something white, be sure to keep it out of the sun in a bag or the sun will fade the signatures.

4.  Have that camera turned on and ready to fire.

You’ll waste time trying to turn on your camera or activate your cell phone camera.  I’ve taken a number of photos with a cell camera for the sake of tweeting them out, but they usually take horrible photos, especially in low light. Take some candid shots while your child is interacting with the character. Those will be more memorable than the strict posed photos.

5.  Interact with the character.

Many people just ask for a signature and pose for a static photo. Try posing in a new way. Use your time and don’t feel rushed. This may be the only time you ever see some characters.

6. Be patient

Character meet and greet wait times can be extensive. If you wait for more popular characters, your wait time could exceed two hours. Waits like these can prompt frustration and exasperation. Keep your cool to maximize your joyousness upon seeing the characters.

7. Reference their movies

Upon meeting your beloved character, be sure to reference their stories.

8. Be energetic

Characters adore playing off of your own positive energy so be sure jump into the fun and react to their gestures and play along.

9. Have fun!

Let loose and enjoy your character interaction! Take the pressure off of yourself and just let the magic happen. Do not feel embarrassed to show your Disney side and let it shine brighter than ever. Enjoy your meet and greets and never stop showing your Disneyside!

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