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5 Interesting Fun Fact of Test Track at Epcot

Do you have a need for speed?  Do you love cars?  This is definitely your attraction.  This ride remains popular year after year, and it’s easy to see why.

  1. Longest Ride. Test Track is not only the fastest Disney attraction but also the longest. The length of the track is 5,246 feet which only 34 feet short of a mile.
  2. How Many Miles?! Each car was designed to last a million miles! Why can’t we get that kind of durability in our everyday cars? Not only are they supposed to last a million miles but every year they travel 50,000 miles!
  3. 25 cars!  Each car seats 6, so that is 150 people that could be on or getting on the attraction at any given point of time.  This helps push a lot of people through the attraction in a single day.  There are also spare cars available in the event that one of the cars needs maintenance or has an issue that pulls it out of circulation.
  4. The attraction opened in 1999. The attraction opened in 1999.  It is hard to believe!  The attraction is now 17 years old, and makes me feel so old!  This still remains one of the most popular attractions on property and the lines are consistently long.  Don’t forget to FastPass this one.

  5.  Avoid this ride if you see lightning. If the weather is questionable and you see lightning, don’t even bother heading over to the ride.  Since there is a good portion of the ride that is outside, there are strict safety rules related to weather for this one.  If the weather is poor, the ride shuts down and no one can ride.  Safety first!

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